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About KUS

President's Message


We think about the future of university in the crisis of education. Human-oriented
Korea University
creates new value.

President of Korea University, Chung, Jin Taek

Korea University has been leading the future of the people and the country by presenting new values necessary in our society at each inflection point in the history. Established with the belief to save the country by education, it has become a ray of light that brightens people’s bleak future.

Under the spirit of freedom, justice and truth, it has also lead the cultivation of human resources that are leading democracy and industrialization of this land. Leading the society ahead of the time as the first private higher educational institution, Korea University now has become a global university standing shoulder to shoulder with prestigious schools around the world.

However, the recent changes of the time that we face don’t let us settle for the past performance and pride. These technology-oriented changes, represented as the 4th Industrial Revolution, is another turning point that the humanity is facing. In the time of uncertainty where creativity and innovation are demanded, efforts to present new values for such changes, along with advanced scientific technology, are essential to lead the humanity.

Creativity and innovation that satisfies the development of advanced technology are essential to push through the new era, but their direction should be towards human. Human-oriented Korea University will cultivate fearless, creative future talent, and will create new values that the society demands.

Now competing with global prestigious universities as one of top 100 universities of the world, Korea University think about the calling of the times once again. In the technology-oriented 4th Industrial Revolution era, Korea University will head for human based on diversity and acceptance.

Changes and challenges ahead of the time have never been easy. We will once again challenge ourselves and create new values just like Korea University does. We look forward to your continued to support for the sustainable future that Korea University creates. And please, join us.

President of Korea University, Chung, Jin Taek