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About KUS


05.03Natural Science Research Center installed as an affiliated research organization
07.04Professor Kim Jung Bae inaugurated as Seochang Campus Executive Vice President
08.16Seochang Library completed (total area 127,351 square feet)
10.01Seochang Welfare Office created as an affiliated organization
10.16Department of Public Physical Education Sciences renamed the Department of Public Sports, the Department of Environmental Sciences renamed the Department of Environmental Engineering, and the Department of Public Health Sciences renamed the Department of Medical Computer Sciences; registration quota increased from 1,040 to 1,100
10.27Construction of Natural Science Hall began (total area 155,448 square feet)
11.08Graduate School of Local Society Development renamed Graduate School of Business Information. Majors in Labor-Capital Relationship, Information Management, and Accounting and Finances created and adjustment of registration quota from 60 to 90 approved.
10.07Seochang Audio-Visual Education Research Room renamed Sejong Audio-Visual Education Center and annexed to the Campus; General Affairs Section installed
10.23Registration quota increase from 1,100 to 1,160 approved
04.11Statue of the Tiger unveiled and construction of the Seochang Female Students' Dormitory commenced
07.01Professor Yang Han Cheol inaugurated as Seochang Campus Executive Vice President
03.13Natural Sciences Hall (total area 155,426 square feet) completed
10.23Registration quota increase from 1,220 to 1,270 approved
02.04Completion of Female Students' Dormitory
04.01Professor Chon Byung Hoon inaugurated as Seochang Campus Adjunct Executive Vice President (6/21)
09.01Professor Kim Hae Chon inaugurated as Seochang Campus Executive Vice President
10.23Registration quota increase from 1,270 to 1,400 approved
10.01Departments of Information Engineering and Applied Electronic Engineering in the College of Natural Sciences merged into the School of Information Engineering
12.01Audio-Video Education Research Center assigned to the Institute of Foreign Language Studies, Seochang Accounting Section renamed Seochang Finance Section, Seochang Dormitory renamed Hoyon Dormitory, Battalion Headquarters of the Army Reserve restructured into Military Administration Section, and Burial Culture Research Center created
08.01Professor Lee Ki Seo inaugurated as Seochang Campus Executive Vice President
10.24College of Humanities Department of North Korea Studies (registration quota 30) Departments of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry of the College of Natural Sciences merged into the School of Natural Sciences
11.30Faculty Tennis Court completed
02.04Construction of Student Center (total area 53,623 square feet) commenced
09.24College of Natural Sciences annexed to the Industrial Technology Research Center
10.25College of Humanities Department of Art of Creative Writing(registration quota 30), Graduate School of Humanities & Information(registration quota 60), Graduate School of Public Administration(registration quota 30) approved
07.24Student Center completed
08.01Professor Chon Byung Hoon inaugurated as Seochang Campus Executive Vice President
09.19[Restructuring of Undergraduate Departments]
  • Departments of Korean Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, German Language and Literature of the College of Humanities restructured into the School of Language and Literature;
  • Departments of Sociology, Archaeology and Art History, and North Korea Studies of the College of Humanities attached to School of Humanities and Sociology;
  • Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Information Statistics of the College of Natural Sciences attached to the School of Natural Sciences;
  • School of Electronics and Information Engineering, Departments of Biology Engineering, Food and Life Engineering, Control and Instrumentation Engineering, and Environmental Engineering attached to the School of Engineering;
  • Departments of Economics and Public Administration of the College of Economics and Commerce attached to the School of Economics and Administration
  • and Departments of Business Administration, Trade, and Business Information attached to the School of International Information Business Management
    11.05Graduate School of Public Administration Daejon Education Center inaugurated
    02.05Seochang Institute of Foreign Language Studies relocated to former Student Center
    05.01Student Affairs Section and Department of Welfare merged into Student Welfare Team; Academic Affairs Section merged into the Academic Affairs Support Team; General Affairs Section and Finance Section merged into the General Affairs Team; Facility Management Team restructured as Facility Management Team
    11.02Graduate School of Medical Sciences created and registration Quota of 35 approved
    11.29ONE-STOP Service Center opened