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About KUS


01.31Designated as a 2020 E-commerce Specialized University
03.05Selected as ‘2020 Functional Food Contract Department Management College’
04.20Selected as ‘University of Urban Regeneration Professionals Training’
04.29QS World University Rankings 2020, Faculty of Cultural Heritage Convergence, Ranked 50th in Archaeology and 4th among Asian universities, College of Pharmacy Ranked 89th in the field of Pharmacy, Ranked 1st among newly established colleges of pharmacy nationwide
05.08Korea University-Sejong City-NAACC(National Agency for Administrative City Construction) signed an MOA for moving into a joint campus
10.2840th Anniversary Ceremony
11.06Final selection of 8 educational research groups (teams) for the four stage BK21 project
12.08QS Asia University Rankings 2020, ranked 1st in Korea
01.21‘Regional Contribution Committee’ organized to build a regional cooperation platform
03.01Achieved 100% enrollment rate for 2021 freshmen
03.30Selected as '2021 Regulatory Science Talent Development Project' hosted by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
04.0101 '2021 Innovation Startup Package (Future Car)' hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups Selected as the host organization for the 'Preliminary Entrepreneur Package Support Project (Green Economy)'
05.12Selected as the university responsible for the '2021 Local government-university cooperation-based Regional Innovation System (RIS), 'Autonomous driving service system'
05.17Held an event to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the late Lee Su-hyun, a righteous man
05.31Selected as '2021 Regional Innovation Leading Research Center (RLRC) project'
06.03Selected as '2021 Information Security Specialized University Project' hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT
06.05Selected as '2021 Basic Research Laboratory Support Project (BRL)' hosted by the National Research Foundation of Korea
06.10Korea University Sejong Institute of Korean Language and Culture opened
06.15'QS World University Rankings 2021' Korea University 74th, 1st for 7 consecutive years
06.27Selected as '2021 New and Variant Infectious Disease Response Platform Core Technology Development Project' hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT
07.28Korea University Sejong Campus-KBSI, signed a business agreement for joint research on multi-purpose radiation accelerator and human resource development
08.26Held IT Science and Technology Forum 'Innovate Korea 2021'
08.27Production of 16 successful applicants, including certified public accountants, tax accountants, and tax officials
09.154,395 people applied for 24 applicants at any time at the pharmacy school, the highest number of applicants in the country
09.17Selected as ‘A-Grade’, the highest grade for the second consecutive year of the University Innovation Support Project
09.28Exceeded 50 billion won in overseas research funding
10.28Korea University Sejong Campus-Sejong Special Self-Governing City Government-Academic Mutual Cooperation Agreement
11.04Alumni Association held an event to commemorate the 30th anniversary of admission
11.22Signed a business agreement with government, university, and industry to revitalize water conservation pilot projects and nurture relevant human resources
11.24Held a donation ceremony for 3,400 books in the ‘Korea University Bookshelf’ at the Sejong City Library
11.30Held an event to commemorate the College of Pharmacy’s 10th anniversary of establishment