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Special Leave of Absence


School Regulations

Article 17 (Leave of Absence), Academic Operations Regulations Article 22 (Application and Permission for Leave of Absence), Article 23 (Leave of Absence Types), Article 26 (Special Leave of Absence Extension), Article 37 (Terms of Study), Article 39 (Tuition for Leave of Absence), Article 41(Tuition Repayment Standard)


Leave of absence which is not applied by the period(common 6 semesters)


  1. 1Leave of absence by pregnancy & child birth & child raising: leave of absence by pregnancy & child birth or raising of children whose age is less than 8 (maximum 2 years)
  2. 2Leave of absence by military service: leave of absence by military service (limited to the period of obligatory service)
    ※ Enlargement of military service by the student’s opinion is for general leave of absence, not leave of absence of by military service.
  3. 3Leave of absence of foundation: Leave of absence by ‘venture company’ foundation in accordance with 「special measurement law for cultivation of venture company」(limited to corporate representatives)

Application Procedure

By attaching documents, apply to school affairs supporting division of belonging college

After submitting application of leave of absence, receipt should be received and kept. (limited to direct submitters of graduate students and university students)


  1. 1Leave of absence by pregnancy & child birth & child raising: hospital diagnosis, family relation certificate, etc.
  2. 2Leave of absence by foundation: documents approving representatives of venture companies and enterprise activities in accordance with 「special measurement law for cultivation of venture company」, etc.
  3. 3Leave of absence by military service: Notification of military service(notification of collection)
  4. 4Disease leave of absence of the first semester for new students, transferred students and students who entered again: In-hospital treatment diagnosis of more than 4 weeks (head of hospital belonging to school or head of other general hospital) and in-hospital certificate of more than 4 weeks


  • New students, transferred students, students who entered again cannot leave of absence for the first semester except for entrance of military service and disease.
  • They should receive and keep receipt after submitting application of leave of absence. (only students who directly submitted)
  • Leave of absence/returning to school of graduate school cannot be applied internet.


General inquiry School affairs supporting division of belonging college
  • General inquiry: Administrative office of affiliated department
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Division of Cultural Heritage Convergence 044-860-1260 National Statistics 044-860-1550
Division of Culture Creativity 044-860-1280 Big Data Science 044-860-1550