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Returning to University


School regulations

Article18 (Returning to School), Article 20 (Enrollment), Academic Operations Regulations Article 30 (Application for Returning to School), Article 31 (Returning to School After Military Service)


Registration of semesters of students whose leave of absence is finished or reasons for leave of absence is disappeared so as to continue studies

Application Period

  • Late Feb.~Mid Mar. (first semester)
  • Late Aug.~Mid Sep. (second semester)

Method of application

  1. 1After registration of application period, apply in the menu of portal – school register/graduation – school register – application of leave of absence/returning to school
  2. 2In case of returning to school after military service, copy of discharge certificate or abstract of resident registration (certificate of military service) should be attached.
  3. 3Leave of absence/returning to school of graduate schools should be submitted to school affairs supporting division of belonging college after writing application of leave of absence.


  • Starting February 2016, students may register to return to school during the application period and pay the tuition during the registration period
  • Graduate school leave of absence/return application is not available via internet
  • Students not returning to school 1 year past the discharge from military will be dismissed
  • Students subject to reserve force status shall submit the report of transference to the reserves either through the Information Depot menu on portal.korea.ac.kr or by visiting the Military Affairs Team (Student Union 2nd Fl.)
  • Submit the tuition payment receipt and application for return and retain the application receipt (subject to graduate students and undergraduate students that submitted in person)
  • For students whose military discharge date is within 1 month from the beginning of semester, the return period after military service discharge may be extended up to 1 month upon after being advised by the dean of affiliated department and submitting ’Dean’s Consent’


General inquiry School affairs supporting division of belonging college
  • General inquiry: Administrative office of affiliated department
Undergraduate Schools Tel Undergraduate Schools Tel
Division of Applied Mathematical Sciences 044-860-1310 Department of Pharmacy 044-860-1604
Division of Display and Semiconductor Physics 044-860-1320 Korean Studies 044-860-1210
Department of Advanced Materials Chemistry 044-860-1330 Chinese Studies 044-860-1220
Department of Computer Convergence Software 044-860-1340 English Studies 044-860-1230 / 1291
Department of Electronics and Information Engineering 044-860-1350 / 1420 German Studies 044-860-1240
Department of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics 044-860-1410 Global Business 044-860-1599 / 1530 / 1520
Department of Food and Biotechnology 044-860-1430 Digital Business 044-860-1560
Department of Electro-Mechanical Systems Engineering 044-860-1440 Division of Public Administration 044-860-1540
Department of Environmental Systems Engineering 044-860-1450 Public Sociology 044-860-1250
Division of Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies 044-860-1309 Korean Unification, Diplomacy and Security 044-860-1270
Division of Global Sport Studies 044-860-1360 / 1592 Economic Policy 044-860-1510
Division of Cultural Heritage Convergence 044-860-1260 National Statistics 044-860-1550
Division of Culture Creativity 044-860-1280 Big Data Science 044-860-1550