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Display Convergence

Display Convergence
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Development of high-quality human resources of
display convergence technology!Display Convergence

  • Location
    Science and Technology Building No.216A

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Display Convergence provides education in not only display, which is the biggest industry in South Korea, but also in key theories and application of convergent fields that are related to display. This major conducts creative research and offers education with specialization in theory, mechanism, materials, processes, device knowledge, and real experience for next generation display.

The faculty of Display Convergence is composed of the core researchers at Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display who not only excel in theory but also have relevant field experience. To develop talent in the display field, this major provides comprehensive education in all areas of display covering physics, energy, materials, and chemistry, along with theory lessons. This department is also researching future technology development that can be used as materials, processes, or devices of next generation display through practical education such as experiments, placements, and industry-academic cooperation, aiming for the ultimate objective that is the development of high-quality human resources of display convergence technology.

Required Student Skills and Qualities

1. Basic science capability
Talented individuals who can demonstrate their worth by flexibly applying solid basic physics knowledge in this rapidly changing era.

2. Glocal capability
An intellectual who contributes to local society with a deep understanding of the display field, and actively participates in the complex and diverse global age.

3. Future creative capability
Individuals who can demonstrate 21st century leadership by finding new digital areas with their creative, progressive spirit to actively adapt future society based on their ideas.


Name Position Phone Number Email Field of Research Career
Nam SeogWoo Professor 044-860-1323 phynam@korea.ac.kr Condensed Matter Physics Theory Ph.D, State University of New York, Buffalo
Lyou Jonghun Professor 044-860-1324 jhlyou@korea.ac.kr Experimental Solid State Physics PhD, Washington University
Yang HyungJin Professor 044-860-1325 yangh@korea.ac.kr Quantum information theory Ph.D., Indiana University, Solid State Physics
Rhie Kungwon Professor 044-860-1326 krhie@korea.ac.kr Nano spin Texas A&M Univ. Solid State Physics
Lee SoonGul Professor 044-860-1327 sglee@korea.ac.kr Superconductivity Ph.D, Ohio State University, Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
Hong Jinki Professor 044-860-1329 hcomet@chol.com Hybrid Semiconductor Device Ph.D, Korea University
Hong MunPyo Professor 044-860-1321 goodmoon@korea.ac.kr Plasma Physics (Process) & Soft Electronics Device (Display/Energy) Ph.D, Applied Physics University of Wisconsin-Madison
Lee KwanWoo Professor 044-860-1766 mchwan@korea.ac.kr Theoretical Material Physics Ph.D, Physics, Univ. of California, Davis
Jeon Sanghun Associate
044-860-1322 jeonsh@korea.ac.kr Semiconductor, Memory, Transistor, and Sensor Ph.D. Engineering, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
Shin SungTae Professor 044-860-1328 stshin@korea.ac.kr Display: OLED & LCD Ph.D, Kent State University, Ohio, USA Department of Physics Major: Liquid Crystal
Ryu SeungYoon Assistant
044-860-1376 justie74@korea.ac.kr OLED Display, Solar Cells, the Secondary Rechargeable Batteries, Piezoelectric Devices Yonsei Univ. Materials Science and Engineering PhD
Hong SucKyoung Professor - sk-hong@korea.ac.kr Quantum Optics Ph.D, Korea University
Lee JoonSung Associate
- simmian@korea.ac.kr Electron transport in nanoscale materials Ph.D, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Cheong ByoungHo Professor 044-860-1833 bhcheong84@korea.ac.kr LAMP (Laser Assisted Materials Processing) KAIST, Ph.D in Physics, Condensed matter theory
Kim BoSung Professor 044-860-1779 bskim86@korea.ac.kr Thin film materials Ph. D., Seoul National University
Park JaeByung Professor 044-860-1836 jaebyungpark@korea.ac.kr Color Science Quantum Dot Micro-LED/Nano-LED Ph.D. Purdue University (Electrical & Computer Engineering)

Career Paths after graduation

After graduating from Display Convergence, students are expected to enter various areas in the electronics/display industry including display convergence area and related materials, devices, and processes. With access to high-level information during their undergraduate courses and field-level technology and experience, students are trained as the next-generation talent in the display convergence area, and they can develop as specialized researchers through master's or doctoral degree programs.