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  • 2016-11-29
  • 홍보전략팀
  • HIT3929
In KU게시물의 첨부이미지 03-2┃In KU

As autumn paints the campus yellow and orange, KU Sejong opens its gates to announce the start of fall semester. Many students are busy getting ready for school. Among them, there are foreign students who are packing to cross overseas to come to Korea University Sejong Campus. We, the student reporters of KUS-ON, became curious why so many foreign students are spending their time and money each semester to come to our school; so, we interviewed foreign exchanged students about their motive in studying abroad and their experience here.

How did you get to know about Sejong Campus?

Atif Othmane_Moroco : While getting information about my university back home, I found that my school had a partnership with Korea University. Some of my friends went there for studying and told me that they were satisfied with their experience there; and I got a good impression of it because its name sounds good. Also, I knew Kim Yuna at the time and heard she was an alumna of Korea University; so, I thought if a famous person like her is an alumna there, it must be a nice school. So, that’s what brought me here.

Eleanor Warner_USA : I actually had a Korean friend from college, so I was interested in the country. Also, I wanted to get a chance to study abroad before I graduate.

Dominguez Lujan Valeria_Mexico : There was a student from my school who talked about the program. She was here maybe three or four years ago, and she told me that it was great; so, I applied for it. It’s a really good program compared to other ones, because other programs were much more expensive. Also, the program that Korea University provides covers our dorms, our food, and our flight expense; so, I couldn’t resist.

Malek-Dubois Valentine Loic_France : Last year, my friend went to Korea University; and he said it was a very good campus. Before, I usually went around Europe, so I know almost everywhere of the Europe. Though, I didn’t know anything about Asian countries, especially Korea, so I wanted to know about it more. Meanwhile, my friend recommended here, Sejong Campus.

What was your motive in coming to Sejong Campus?

Atif : Originally I considered living in other countries to get a job, like Japan. Japan was my most favorite country. But when I came to Korea for a 10-days trip about 3 years ago, I came across the language, culture, and other things. Moreover, I found the language was very interesting to study, so I got into it because I wanted to talk to Koreans. So, I decided to go to Sejong Campus to learn the Korean language and Mechanical Engineering along with it.

Keeley : The main motive was that my accommodations and meals were provided free of charge by the university. Also, I like the suburbs and the campus wasn’t in the city, so I could enjoy the quietness of the campus.

Dominguez : I have Korean friends back home, and my best friend is also Korean. So, I’ve already tried some Korean food such as Kimchi and experienced some Korean culture back in Mexico. I think that familiarity draw me here. Also, even though I don’t look like Korean at all, my great-great grandfather was Korean, so I guess that part of me influenced my decision too.

What did you gain from your time here?

Atif : Only a month has passed since I’ve came to Korea, but I think I have gained many nice friends. Also, working in the lab is such a nice experience for me because I did not have many chances like this back in my country.

Keeley : I gained a lot of really amazing friends. I also gained a new respect for different cultures and languages.

Eleanor : I was very impressed about how nice everybody is here. Even strangers are nice to me.

Dominguez : I guess so far I’ve just gone to eat a lot of food and meet a lot of new people, which was really fun. Not only people from Korea, but in our program, there are people from other countries too; so, it’s fun to socialize with various people. I’ve learned a lot about the European culture, and their language. Also, I learned the difference between my country and others’.

Malek-Dubois : I gained a lot of travel experiences. Usually after school, my friend and I go to Seoul to look around the city. Also, the ITS program takes us to various festivals like Kimchi Festival; and last time, I went horse-riding. I like the fact that I can visit other places in Korea while taking my classes.

Urena-Serna : So far, I got to know about places near school and meet new people. Also, I get to eat as much spicy Korean food as I want.

How were your classes? Did you learn something new? Did they meet your expectations?

Atif : The thing I found very interesting in Sejong Campus is the active interaction between professors and students. I have never experienced such active classes as here. It’s commonplace for students to remain silent despite the consistent requests of professors for students to react; but here, in every class I’ve taken so far, the learning atmosphere prevails - discussions happening one after another, and consistent questions – so, I feel satisfied with my classes.

Keeley : I think my classes are very easy. Not too challenging. I expected the classes to be a bit more challenging, but I am not disappointed in them

Eleanor : My classes are okay. I take the Korean language class, culture class, and social welfare human management. Although I don’t know anything about social welfare like the business class, they meet my expectations.

Malek-Dubois : My major is biotechnology; so I take medical chemistry, geo chemistry, genetics, and neurologic. For me, I also learn about sport management because I haven’t learned such a subject and wanted to know more about it. I know only little content of sports. But, my professor explains the subject well enough for me to understand; so, I respect him. Also, generally, I like my courses.

Urena-Serna : I love all of my classes so far. One of them, the History of North Korea, is not how I expected to be. However, I do like what I am learning because I can learn about the North Korean culture.

When you started packing for your trip to Korea, there must have been some special things that you had to bring with you, like things that aren’t available in Korea. If you were to advise someone in packing their luggage for their trip to Korea, what kind of items do you recommend?

Atif : I want to advise that if someone wants to visit or study in Korea, he/she should bring deodorants. They are more expensive in Korea than in other countries. I think that bringing some kinds of traditional foods or clothes will be good too.

Keeley : If you use a specific American cosmetic or face care product, the chances are, you will have a very hard time finding them here in Korea. Also, if you have bigger feet or a bigger body, make sure you bring enough of your clothes. It is hard to find plus sized clothing here in Korea

Eleanor : Well, it’s kind of strange, but I brought my own pillow with me. I’m all about good quality sleeping, so that’s my It-item.

Dominguez : I think food. I miss some snacks from home and Mexican candy, and I haven’t seen it anywhere here. Also, I brought my softball gloves and my ball. Well it’s not a special thing, but I just brought it for fun. Everything else is just kind of easier to leave behind because the markets are not so different from ours.

Malek-Dubois : I recommend bringing some French cheese. I ate Korean cheese, but it’s just not the cheese for me. It is very different from French. It’s also really hard to find French cheese here; so, I really recommend bringing some cheese.

Urena-Serna : I would say clothing if you’re coming for the fall semester because daily temperature range here is big.

During your experience, was there something that was shocking to you? Maybe like karaoke, pc room, or the super-fast internet?

Atif : Now I am accustomed to living here; but during my first visit to Korea, what really shocked me was the super-fast internet as you mentioned. Also, the large number of karaoke and pc rooms everywhere came to me as a shock. Soon I got to like them, and now I go to karaoke much more than I did in Japan. In addition, Korean guys usually use a variety of cosmetics to keep their skin healthy, which I regarded kind of strange at first but not now.

Keeley : The karaoke rooms shocked me! They are everywhere, but I love it. Also, the number of couples here in Korea is amazing. Everyone is in a relationship.

Eleanor : The toilet. It was so strange to me how you must throw the paper away in the trash bin. I mean, we all just throw it down the toilet. So, I didn’t know anything about that. Also, there’s Wi-Fi nearly everywhere in Korea. Additionally, everything is delivered in here, literally everything. I was shocked when I shopped online because the products that I ordered were delivered in just two days. I was so surprised that you got yours so fast.

Dominguez : The places that we go with friends are different. In our country, since I lived in countryside, we mostly just hang out in the fields or do other things. But here, there are desert cafes, karaoke rooms everywhere. I just love going there.

Malek-Dubois : During my experience, I realized that most Koreans don’t like to cook. They just go to a restaurant instead. It is not bad, but it was kind of hard for me at first because the French usually cook their own meals and I love cooking.

Urena-Serna : Nothing extremely shocking. I do love karaoke because it makes me really happy more than anything. I think the most different thing is the dormitories. There is a separation between gender; and in my country, they are usually combined.

Did you like the food here? What kind of Korean food did you enjoy the most? Also, was there a food that shocked you?

Atif : I really love Korean foods such as Kimbap, Bibimbap, Japchae and Tteok-bokki. They are very delicious. But one food was so surprising: Sundae. At first sight, I had no idea of what Sundae means and what it is made of; but after knowing that it is the intestines of a pig, I was really shocked. Even now I cannot eat it. It looks like worms.

Keeley : I love love love the food here. I enjoy all of the stews, such as Doenjang stew and Budae stew. The food that shocked me the most is pupa of silkworms.

Eleanor : I really like the Pork Bone soup and also Kalbitang. My roommate and I eat it often through delivery. I haven’t had it yet, but the chicken feet was shocking. I’m still nervous about trying it.

Dominguez : I really do like the food here. I like Kimchi, and I noticed that Koreans eat a lot of chickens. There’s chicken everywhere; and I think it’s cool. Also, the restaurants usually give a bunch of side dishes; in our home country, they don’t. And Bossam was really tasty.

Malek-Dubois : I like Korean food; but for me, it is too spicy. I think Koreans love the spice flavor. I like spicy, but only a very little. For me, it is impossible to eat spicy food every day. Also, Koreans eat rice three times a day. In France, we also eat rice, but once per week. I think it is incredible eating rice every day. That’s a very big difference between Korea and France.

Urena-Serna : I love Korean food so much, especially fried chicken and beer. I like spicy food, too. Also, I love Gimpitang and Tteok-bokki.

What do you think you will miss the most after you go back to your country?

Atif : Many things, but I will remember my many nice friends and the delicious food.

Keeley : The people I met and the food. I have already become very close to the Koreans here. It will be really hard to leave them next year.

Eleanor : The thing I will miss the most are probably the food and my friends obviously.

Dominguez : Probably the environment. I’m now used to seeing Koreans everywhere. They are all kind and try very hard to start a conversation with us. And I think the atmosphere and the food will also be missed.

Urena-Serna : The atmosphere and the friendly people. It’s only been a month, but I know that when I go back to my country, I will miss this country. I will definitely regret if I don’t do more things here in Korea before I head back.

The exchange students haven’t stayed that long in Korea, so they are not familiar with the Korean culture yet. But one thing is for sure. They have already made good friends and are enjoying their time here at Sejong Campus. We hope they visit more places in Korea and grow attached to our culture; and like the exchange students before them, go back to their home country and spread the news about their pleasant time here.

KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON
Student Reporter: Lee Seoeun, Park Chiwon,
Lee Dogyeong, Han Taeseok, Ji Yeon,
Jeong Seyoung, Kim Jaesik
Editor: Lee Seungyeon

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