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About KU

  • 2016-11-29
  • 홍보전략팀
  • HIT2720
About KU게시물의 첨부이미지 03-4┃About KU

We’ve covered a lot about KU Sejong so far: the surrounding environment, international students’ experience, and even programs and scholarships for foreign exchange students. Now all that’s left is for you to choose which major you are going to take if you’re willing to join us. You could continue your major here if a similar one exists, or you can always try out a new one. The university went through a major reformation of its educational system earlier this year to reflect future demands, enhance students’ global competitiveness, and provide creative integrated education. The following is a brief introduction to each college and their departments. Since you get only one chance to pick your field of study, take your time and choose your major carefully.

◈ College of Science & Technology

The College of Science & Technology strives to facilitate research in the areas of natural sciences that are critical to social development in the 21st century. It is dedicated to the development of scientific and creative human resources through the learning of basic theories, application of those theories to experiments and training, and other research-related activities.
The College of Science and Technology consists of ten departments, with highly-capable professors from each department endeavoring to produce human resources equipped with scientific explorative abilities as well as knowledge of the various theories underlying advanced sciences. It provides excellence in education services both quantitatively and qualitatively using advanced lecture rooms, laboratories, and state-of-the-art equipment and tools. Thus, graduates can obtain work as highly-skilled professionals in various areas of society.

▲ Faculty of Applied Mathematical Sciences: Data Computational Sciences, Cyber Security
▲ Faculty of Display and Semiconductor Physics: Display Convergence, Semiconductor Physics
▲ Faculty of Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies
▲ Department of Advanced Materials Chemistry
▲ Department of Computer Convergence Software
▲ Department of Electronics and Information Engineering
▲ Department of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
▲ Department of Food and Biotechnology
▲ Department of Electro-Mechanical Systems Engineering
▲ Department of Environmental Systems Engineering

◈ College of Public Policy

As various central government offices and national research institutions have been relocated to Sejong City, it has now become the central region for establishing the government policies needed for research, as well as education on public policy. In response to such needs, the College of Public Policy was established.
In the Department of Economics and Statistics, students study how to analyze the economy, and it offers students courses in not only statistics, but also those emphasizing an understanding of the foundation of government policy.
The Department of Public Sociology and Korean Unification/Diplomacy focuses on the Public Sociology required for developing a society, with studies centered on researching the relationship between North and South Korea, and the potential for Korean unification.
The Department of Public Administration supports students studying public administration of the government, particularly, the need to improve the efficiency of administration.

▲ Faculty of Public Administration
▲ Faculty of Public Sociology & Korea Unification: Public Sociology, Korean Unification•Diplomacy•Security
▲ Faculty of Economics and Statistics: Economic Policy, National Statistics, Big Data Science

◈ College of Culture and Sports

The College of Culture and Sports aims to develop professionals who have knowledge, virtue, and physical strength through culture, art, and sports education. To this end, the college provides cultural education and general education. Cultural education combines the knowledge of Cultural Heritage (archaeology and art history, and culture ICT) and Culture Creativity (culture content, and creative writing and media studies). General education combines the knowledge of Sports Science and Sports Business.

▲ Faculty of Global Sport Studies: Sport Science, Sport Business
▲ Faculty of Cultural Heritage Convergence: Archaeology and Art History, Culture ICT Convergence
▲ Faculty of Culture Creativity: Creative Writing and Media Studies, Culture Contents

◈ College of Global Business

The College of Global Business aims to provide basic business education and foreign language education in a systemic way. With basic, organized business education and foreign language education as its foundation, the College of Global Business unites regional theories of Korea, China, America, and Germany with business theories and practical skills. By doing so, we will produce professionals with expertise in global business and regional experts who are equipped with practical ability and field adaptability.

▲ Faculty of Global Studies: Korea Studies, Chinese Studies, English Studies, German Studies
▲ Faculty of Convergence Business: Global Business, Digital Business

◈ College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy of Korea University was established to produce professional pharmacists and related professionals as global leaders of the 21st century by helping the students to acquire pharmaceutical knowledge, practical skills and international communication skills. To achieve this goal, education associated with new medicine development has been enhanced, and specialization strategies were set up to improve international competitiveness. Moreover, the College of Pharmacy has established organic relationships with the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety within the Osong/Ochang/Daedeok Research Complex as well as other research agencies and companies specializing in pharmacy-related areas. This is to play a critical role as an education institution in the formation of BT industry cluster for new medicine development in the Chungcheon area.

▲ Department of Pharmacy

If you have further questions or want to learn more, please visit our online English homepage website: /mbshome/mbs/eng/index.do. This is the end of our cover story, but it’s just the start for KU Sejong news. In the next chapters, you will be able to see how students and faculty from KU Sejong change the world, and how KU Sejong itself enhances its value. So, don’t stop now, read on!

KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON
Student Reporter: Lee Seungyeon
Editor: Conrad Brubacher

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