(Advance Notice) Time to See Mid-Term Exams Out and ‘OpeRock’ In...

  • 2018-04-27
  • 홍보전략팀
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(Advance Notice) Time to See Mid-Term Exams Out and ‘OpeRock’ In...게시물의 첨부이미지


A major school festival is supposed to be held in KU Sejong for three days (from April 30 to May 2), after the period of mid-term exams. The official slogan of this festival is ‘OpeRock, Spring Festival with You’ (the combination word of OPEN HOUSE, KU FESTIVAL, and Rock, which has the same pronunciation as a Chinese character meaning ‘enjoyment’ or ‘amusement’). The meaning of the festival is significant in that both OPEN HOUSE and KU FESTIVAL are going to be co-operated by the 30th Student Council ‘Neonadeuli’ (daytime booths) and the 31st Total Student’s Union ‘Bisang’ (nighttime booths).

The daytime booths, with great contribution of various school clubs and 20 food trucks, are going to be placed in front of the Central Square and Futurus Dormitory. Some of the former booths offer special chances to use a waterslide, trampoline, rental system of Korean traditional clothes, school uniforms, dresses, and picnic mats, as well as to enjoy cool beer and sweet cotton candy; the latter ones include various outdoor activities such as school club booths, DIY booths, treasure-hunt game, life photo studio, 1-dollar juice, mini game zone, tarot card readings, face painting, and mascot suits (Suhorang X Bandabi).

During the operation hours of the nighttime booths, a number of night bars and 20 food frucks will be set up along with outdoor performances of school clubs and departments. The guest singers include Winner (April 30), Heize (May 1), Illionaire (May 2), who will greatly contribute to making the atmosphere of OpeRock even hotter and higher. Also, the finale performances of the festival are already prepared: Hoik Cheerleader Rooters (April 30) and the Korea University Cheerleading Squad (May 1).

We strongly recommend that all of you, who have so far made it through the tough times of mid-term exams, will enjoy OpeRock as a chance to relieve stress and gather with your colleagues, seniors and juniors, and friends for making special and unforgettable memories.

KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON

Student Reporter: Jeon Soyeong


Translator: Kim Jaesik

Editor: Conrad Brubacher





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