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Korea University College of Pharmacy Professor Song Daeseop’s Re...

  • 2020-06-15
  • 홍보기금팀
  • HIT225
Korea University College of Pharmacy Professor Song Daeseop’s Re...게시물의 첨부이미지

Korea University College of Pharmacy Professor Song Daeseop’s Research Team Develops Testing Kit for ASF Through Joint Research

Tuesday, May 19, Korea University Sejong Campus College of Pharmacy Professor Song Daeseop’s Research Team, Dr. Jung Daekyun’s Research Team at the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology’s (KRIBB) Research Center of Infectious Disease, and the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency developed an antibody testing kit for African swine fever (ASF) through joint research.


The ASF testing kit allows early-stage identification of the acute infection of African swine fever.


ASF is classified as a first level infectious disease in domestic animals and has a high fatality and infection rate. It occurred in South Korea for the first time in September of last year in the DMZ.


Currently there are no preventive vaccines for ASF and consequently, it is important to block the spread of the disease by early recognition. South Korea had to rely on imported testing kits as it did not have a domestic antibody testing kit in the past, but due to recent research it has become easier to make the diagnosis independently. Moreover, the research team’s testing kit shows results at least three days earlier than the imported testing kits.


Korea University Professor Song Daeseop’s Research Team formed the antibody testing kit of selected particular proteins that can thoroughly detect the ASF virus and Dr. Jung Daekyun’s KRIBB Research Team analyzed the protein features in the African swine flu virus and created a system to effectively produce the particular selected proteins. The Quarantine Agency used a pig serum specimen infected with domestic acute African swine flu to test the validity of the testing kit.


An application was made for a domestic patent for the new testing kit last February and a contract agreement was made on May 19 with Korean testing kit manufacturing firm Huvet-Bio. As a result, the related products will soon be produced.


Professor Song Daeseop’s Research Team were quoted as saying, “Not only did we localize testing kits that previously relied on imports, we also shortened the time to obtain diagnosis results.” They also added that, “We hope that the ASF testing kit quickly commercializes and is of help in the area of early recognition and prevents the spread of the virus.”


KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON: Oh Jehun

Translator: Lim Eunhee

Editor: Conrad Brubacher

Attached file