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Becoming a Leading University for Local Contributions

  • 2021-10-28
  • 홍보기금팀
  • HIT596
Becoming a Leading University for Local Contributions게시물의 첨부이미지


Becoming a Leading University for Local Contributions


“Setting a goal of community development through research and business education, and establishment of a public-private-academia collaboration system”


Korea University Sejong Campus signed a public-private-academia business agreement and engaged in activities that contribute to local communities in order to initiate student participation in a village planning project.


On August 25, the Korea University Institute for Education Innovation, Sejong signed a business agreement with the Department of Autonomy and Decentralization of Sejong Special Self-Governing City, the Sejong City Resident Autonomy Association, and the Sejong Social Economic Community Center to create positive change in the local community.


The four institutions promised to collaborate for resident autonomy awareness and development in connection with innovative education; discover and carry out core community tasks through regional-related innovative education; construct a public-private-academia cooperation model to solve social problems and promote sustainable development; and cooperate on human resource exchange and utilization, DB construction, and the operation of educational institutions.


Through this agreement, Korea University Sejong Campus is expected to contribute to the development of the local area and conduct activities related to businesses and the region based on their unique research and business education. In addition, it is expected to develop as a leading university in the new metropolitan area by establishing public, private, and academic linkages and contributing to the local community.


The Sejong Institute for Education and Innovation is strengthening the regional innovation role of the Sejong Campus so that it can contribute to the local community through innovative research and business education. In particular, a separate research and business education center was established with the goal of “research and business education that fosters corporate-based, social and regional-based problem-solving capabilities,” and non-courses and friendly subjects to industry-academia cooperation were actively developed and operated within the program to meet the needs of local human resources.


The industry-academia cooperation-friendly major PBL curriculum is operated based on three categories: 'Corporate Technology Innovation PBL,' 'Social Innovation CBL,' and 'Social Problem Solving Living Lab PBL' according to the research topic. It is a method through which students discover challenging tasks based on companies and regions on their own and carry out projects that require solutions through team-based collaboration. Participating students will develop convergence creative problem-solving skills and field practical skills, which are assets for social advancement through research experience.


Hwi Kim, director of the Industry-University Education Center, said, “We want to add to the university’s social contributions through the best research and business education in response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution and post-COVID era. Research experiences on the subject of social innovation linked with companies and regions will train students for innovative thinking and active problem-solving, and will become a driving force for the development of the local community.”


Korea University Sejong Campus aims to become a ‘Creative Education-Practical Research University’ based on being in the New Administrative Capital, and is focused on cultivating students’ practical skills and reinforcing connections between local communities and industries. In the future, various opportunities to interact with the local community will be provided to establish a system for sharing values with them, and to actively discover quality regional linkages and a social contribution curriculum as a hub for convergence research to foster human resources for regional development.


 KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON

Translator: Seyeon Chung

Editor: Conrad Brubacher

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