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Korea University Sejong Research & Business Foundation-RLRC and ...

  • 2022-12-05
  • 홍보기금팀
  • HIT104
Korea University Sejong Research & Business Foundation-RLRC and ...게시물의 첨부이미지


Korea University Sejong Research & Business Foundation-RLRC and Korea Biochem Pharmaceutical Cooperation Sign Business Agreement in Field of “Anti-aging-Bio-health”

The Korea University Sejong Research & Business Foundation and the Korea Biochem Pharmaceutical Cooperation will establish a regional cooperation network in the field of anti-aging and bio-health and join forces to revitalize related research.


On October 19, the Korea University Sejong Research & Business Foundation of the biological clock anti-aging convergence RLRC center signed a business agreement with Korea Biochem Pharmaceuticals Cooperation at the Industry-Academia Cooperation Office to establish a joint cooperation system.


The business agreement ceremony was attended by Jeon Hyun sik, head of the Korea University Sejong Research & Business Foundation, Baek Seung pil, head of the Biological Clock Anti-aging Convergence RLRC Center, and Song Won ho, CEO of Biochem Pharmaceutical Korea.


This agreement was prepared to facilitate joint R&D cooperation in the field of anti-aging and bio-health between the two institutions and to establish a foundation for industry-university cooperation for the development of the biopharmaceutical industry in the local region.


Specifically, the two institutions agreed to cooperate on the establishment and operation of a consultative body for mutual interests by allowing joint use of research facilities and equipment owned by both institutions, operating field training and internship programs for university graduate students, and cooperating on research and academic exchange in the area of industry-academia joint research.  

Baek Seung pil, head of the RLRC center, said, "Through this business agreement with the Korea Biochem Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the RLRC will strengthen R&D industry-academia cooperation with local industries and contribute to the development of the anti-aging bio-health industry and pharmaceutical raw material industry in Sejong City."


Korea University Sejong Campus was selected for the Regional Leading Research Center project designated by the Ministry of Science and ICT and launched the biological clock-anti-aging fusion RLRC in June 2021.


The biological clock-anti-aging convergence RLRC aims to utilize existing anti-aging research paradigms and develop anti-aging integrated solutions based on the biological clock, the core control system of life. In particular, R&D focuses on solving sleep disorders, which is a source of aging and one of the representative problems of people nowadays.


KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON

Reporter: Yoo Hye jung

Translator: Chae Yeon Kim

Editor: Conrad Brubacher

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