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Korea University Sejong Campus Hosts Financial Support Project P...

  • 2024-01-30
  • 홍보기금팀
  • HIT234
Korea University Sejong Campus Hosts Financial Support Project P...게시물의 첨부이미지


Korea University Sejong Campus Hosts Financial Support Project Progress-Sharing Event

On December 19, Korea University Sejong Campus held a progress-sharing event for financial support projects in the Nong Shim Hall lounge.



This event was geared towards participants of the 2nd Sejong Research and Business Innovation Forum, and aimed to provide an overview of the human resource development capacity of Sejong Campus. It served as a platform to share and distribute the outcomes of the projects.

The workshop saw the participation of some 300 attendees, including Sejong City officials, namely Lee Seungwon, deputy mayor of Sejong City's Economic Affairs; key stakeholders, such as Yang Hyeonbong, director of Sejong Technopark; CEOs and staff from companies intricately connected or engaged in collaborations with Sejong Campus; officials from the Ministry of Education; and associates from state research institutions in Sejong City.



The major financial support projects at Korea University Sejong Campus include the Eco-Up Convergence College Project Team; the Advanced Semiconductor Process Equipment Human Resource Development Project Team; the Daejeon-Sejong-Chungnam Regional Innovation Platform Autonomous Driving System Project Team; the Phase 4 BK21 Project Team; the KUS University Innovation Project Team; the Edge Cloud Data Security Research Center; the Smart City Intelligent Healthcare Research Center; and the Sejong LINC 3.0 Foundation. These projects aim to support and strengthen capabilities in the areas of education, research, and business affairs.


These initiatives aim to nurture human resources in various fields by fostering skilled professionals who can lead national industries through the provision of diverse programs and scholarship support.


During this event, the campus had the opportunity to introduce its funding projects and programs to a wide range of representatives from innovative institutions and businesses. The event served as a platform to share key achievements in human resources development, showcasing the capabilities of individuals and disseminating these achievements into the realms of industry, academia, and government.



Vice President Kim Young expressed, "As we approach the impending transitional phase of the Regional Innovation Support for Excellence (RISE) project, Sejong Campus recognizes the importance of collaborating with Sejong City for innovative joint development. We will apply ourselves to ensure that the prosperity of both entities moves forward hand in hand."



KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON

Translator: Choi Jeongwon

Editor: Conrad Brubacher

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