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Korea University Sejong Campus Initiates Sterilization Lighting ...

  • 2024-03-26
  • 홍보기금팀
  • HIT122
Korea University Sejong Campus Initiates Sterilization Lighting ...게시물의 첨부이미지


Korea University Sejong Campus Initiates Sterilization Lighting System in Public Sports Facilities with Nation's First Wide-Area Sterilization Lighting Technology

Korea University Sejong Campus has introduced the nation's first indoor infection minimization system for public sports facilities using light illumination.


On February 27, the Sejong Campus conducted the 'Indoor Infection Free Zone Lighting Ceremony' at the Boram Swimming Pool in collaboration with the Sejong City Facilities Management Corporation.


The ceremony was attended by many officials including Vice President Kim Young of Korea University Sejong Campus; Son Hojin, head of the Health Information Technology Center at Korea University; Chairperson Jo Soyeon of the Sejong City Facilities Management Corporation; Second Vice Chairman Kim Chungsik of the Sejong City Council; and council members Kim Hyunok and Choi Wonseok. All in attendance had a meaningful time checking the operational principles and installation status of the quarantine lighting.


This project began with the corporation's submission of a demand survey to the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement for the development of 'COVID-19 Light Sterilization Platform Technology.' It is the final stage of the project to be completed in 2023 and has been installed at the Boram Swimming Pool.

The sterilization platform technology is a method enabling disinfection in large spaces, with a concept similar to sunlight sterilization. It uses lights integrated with LED elements at a 405nm wavelength, close to ultraviolet among visible rays, to destroy porphyrin in bacteria, thus achieving a disinfection effect.


This lighting has been confirmed by the Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR) to have a 99.9% sterilization capability against respiratory viruses in everyday sterilization mode (405nm + 450nm) through a photobiological stability qualification test.


High humidity in swimming pools naturally leads to higher occurrences of bacteria and mold. The introduction of sterilization lighting systems allows for reduced frequency of chemical disinfectant use, thereby potentially significantly lowering health risks for disinfection workers and safety risks for citizens due to exposure to disinfectants.

Son Hojin, the head of the Health Information Technology Center, stated, “The installation of quarantine lighting in Boram Swimming Pool is a step towards the wider distribution of this technology to sports facilities, anticipating that it could pave the way for the practical use of unique sterilizing lighting systems.”


Vice President Kim stated, “Given the high likelihood of future pandemics, ongoing research into epidemic response technologies is in progress everywhere.” He continued, saying, “As a university taking the lead in preemptive epidemic prevention, we will collaborate with local governments and industries to fulfill the unique role and duty of the Sejong Campus.”


On a related note, the Sejong Campus has successfully developed COVID-19 light sterilization platform technology and continues related research. This technology was initially installed in six classrooms of Science and Technology Building II, designating them as 'COVID-19 Free Zones.' In 2021, large-scale sterilization lighting was installed in the Milky Way Park, and plans are underway to install this system in the Sejong City Library this year, with discussions ongoing between related parties.

KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON

Translator: Choi Jeongwon

Editor: Conrad Brubacher



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