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Pastor Yang Byeonghee from Yeongan Prebysterian Church Donates O...

  • 2018-05-02
  • 홍보전략팀
  • HIT26
Pastor Yang Byeonghee from Yeongan Prebysterian Church Donates O...게시물의 첨부이미지

Description: (On the Left) Pastor Yang Byeonghee from Yeongan Prebysterian Church, and (On the Right), President of Korea University, Yeom Jaeho.


Yang Byeonghee, the pastor of Yeongan Prebysterian Church located in Seoul’s Jungnang-gu, donated one hundred million won to Korea University Sejong Campus. The donation ceremony was held on the 14th of March at 4:30pm at Korea University’s main building.


On the day of the ceremony, Pastor Yang mentioned that, “I have always kept the hope that my juniors in the Department of North Korea Studies would play a leading role in the era of unification, and this idea lead me to provide my donation.” Korea University’s president, Yeom Jaeho, said, “I look forward to the performances of the students and the graduates that is in keeping with the purpose of Sejong Campus as the second established academy. That precious meaning, which was also donated today, is to be used for the students.” The donation will be used as scholarship money for students in the Department of Korean Unification Diplomacy and Security.


Pastor Yang graduated from the Department of North Korean Studies (now known as the Department of Korean Unification Diplomacy and Security) at Korea University Sejong Campus and studied further at Korea University’s Graduate School of Policy Studies (Masters in Politics), Bakseok College of Theology (honorary doctoral degree in theology), the Methodist Theological University’s College of Missionaries, the California Graduate School of Theology (doctoral degree in pastoral theology) and is currently the head of the Northeast Asia National Association, the chairman of the Youngan Welfare Foundation, the president of the Christianity Associated Newspaper, and party president of Yeongan Prebysterian Church.


Pastor Yang has promoted a cooperative business that supports socially disadvantaged classes in North Korea by providing medicine for tuberculosis, nutritional supplements, and antibiotics, among others. He is determined to create a systematic approach and avenues of support for dealing with North Korea, and possesses a devotion to creating an NGO manual supporting North Korea from the perspective of a missionary to North Korea. This led him to graduate from Korea University Sejong Campus’s Department of North Korea Studies.

KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON

Student Reporter: Jeon Soyoung

Translator: Lee Jieun

Editor : Conrad Brubacher