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Sejong Career Development Center Rated

  • 2019-04-08
  • 홍보전략팀
  • HIT339
Sejong Career Development Center Rated 게시물의 첨부이미지

<Sejong Career Development Center Rated 'Excellent’ in Operations Evaluation> 

Korea University Sejong was selected as an ‘excellent’ university in the 2018 operational evaluation of the ‘Sejong Career Development Center,’ organized by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.


The Sejong Career Development Center is a project to support young people in the region by integrating and linking career guidance and support functions for employment and start-ups in universities, and establishing governance with public employment service institutions outside universities. The evaluation consisted of 18 indicators in three areas: infrastructure establishment, provision of career and job support services, and youth employment policy and efforts to promote their services. It was conducted by compiling a written assessment, an on-site survey, and a student policy recognition and service satisfaction survey.


The Sejong Career Development Center opened in May of 2018 and is supporting the entirety of students' career development from admission to graduation by linking the government's major youth job projects, such as ‘Early Career Guidance,’ ‘Tailored Counseling Services,’ and ‘Job Success Packages.’ In addition, the Sejong Youth Employment Committee, comprised of experts from relevant local agencies like the Sejong Employment Welfare+ Center, Sejong Special Self-Governing City, and the Sejong Economic Innovation Center, were established to jointly carry out various programs for young people in the region, including the Sejong City Job Information Meeting, the Sejong High-Tech Employment Camp, and the Job Policy Briefing Conference.



In addition, Korea University Sejong Campus received a favorable response from students after running differentiated programs such as 'Sisters Talking Jobs’ and ‘Visiting Small and Medium-Sized Business’ to provide students with daily experiences, the 'Speech Skill Improvement Competition' to enhance interview capabilities, and the 'Youth Employment Policy Golden Bell' to promote the government's major job projects.


An Cheung-O, a vice president of the College Job Center and vice president of our school, said that, “Our school has great significance not only because it was selected as a prestigious university, but also because it received full marks in the ‘policy awareness and service satisfaction’ category among the 18 evaluation indexes. We will continue to work closely with relevant local agencies to serve as a control tower to help students successfully advance into society.”

KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON

Translator: Hsieh Min Chia

Editor: Conrad Brubacher

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