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Computer Convergence Software Department Student Selected as Eli...

  • 2019-04-29
  • 홍보전략팀
  • HIT74
Computer Convergence Software Department Student Selected as Eli...게시물의 첨부이미지

*Jeong Sejin (left) and co-founder Kim Jinyoung (right) were selected for the "2019 Youth Startup and Youth Start-up Recruitment" program hosted by the Small and Medium-sized Venture Planning Ministry’s Small and Medium-Sized Business Promotion Foundation. Jeong Sejin and Kim Jinyoung, who will receive 100 million won, are putting their best efforts towards developing small IoT aging devices and launching products through FinP (Focus in People), a startup company they established.


<Computer Convergence Software Department Student Selected as Eligible Candidate for Startup Support from Small and Medium-sized Venture Planning Department>

Jeong Sejin, a senior student in the Department of Computer Convergence Software at Korea University Sejong Campus was chosen as the recipient of 100 million won at the "2019 Start-up Success Package Business Support and Youth Start-up Program Competition" hosted by the Small and Medium-sized Business Promotion Group of the Ministry of Small and Medium-sized Business Planning.

Jeong Sejin said that the IoT curriculum that the Department of Computer Convergence Software provided helped him to gain knowledge of convergence technology, and with that he was able to come up with an innovative start up item.

Creative Outcomes of Convergence Technology

Ideas released by Jeong Sejin are the development of small IoT aging machines and they are not large-sized such as kimchi refrigerators. The product’s functions are managing and monitoring the maturity of foods such as beef, kimchi and vegetables through IoT systems and apps. This is the result of innovative product ideas that have portability, and are also the result of the convergence of two areas of technology, particularly computer system technology called the IoT (Internet of Things) that is applied to food engineering and mechanical engineering.

For the project, Jeong Sejin and Kim Jinyoung established a startup company called FinP together. Kim Jinyoung, who was in the restaurant business with Jeong Sejin, prepared the project starting with the discussion of holiday gifts, and shared views on the marketability of aging devices, a big rise in the number of single-person households, and the social trend of a solo-economy.

They said they started the business by predicting potential success in the manufacturing sector, which combines the Internet of Things with aging devices, and were confident that the products of miniaturization, personalization, and differentiated aging devices would spark a sensation.

Cho Min-ho, a professor in the Department of Computer Convergence Software in Korea University Sejong Campus, who has been providing advice to Jeong Sejin's start-up, said, "As people these days tend to live alone, we expect a large demand for small household and kitchen appliances.” He also said, "I think small, smart IoT aging devices that provide remote management and self-sustainability to busy people are innovative products with high expectations in terms of products and business." Development of small IoT aging devices by Jeong Sejin is on the way, so those interested can look forward to them being introduced soon.

KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON

Translator: Kim Seongeun

Editor: Conrad Brubacher


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