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Held memorial service for deceased Lee Soohyun

  • 2019-07-09
  • 홍보전략팀
  • HIT35
Held memorial service for deceased Lee Soohyun게시물의 첨부이미지

On May 30, the unveiling ceremony and memorial service for the deceased Lee Soohyun held in front of the Science and Technology Building Ⅱ where Lee Soohyun’s monument is located and in Suk Won Hall. The event was hosted by College of Global Business, to tribute a noble spirit and a brave act of deceased Lee Soohyun(department of Commerce and Trade) who scarified his noble life while saving a drunken man who fell to the tracks at Shin-Okubo Station in Tokyo, Japan in 2001. Flowers and altars were arranged in the memorial booth near the memorial monument so that many students can honor and lay flowers in 29th to 30th.  


“We should remember the precious spirit of Lee Soohyun, a righteous man who fell apart like a flame because he loved his neighbor more than he did. I hope we will remember a little bit of Lee Soohyun’s spirit and be determined to practice it at this meeting”. said Vice President An Cheung-O. The event was followed by a screening of ‘I Will Never Forget You’, a film about the Lee Soohyun, a scholarship ceremony for a memorial student, and a memorial performance by a school rock band ‘MUDAN BAND’. Scholarships for mourners were given to Kim Hyunseo and Shin Eunjung who belong to MUDAN BAND.


"I knew about the story of Lee Soohyun before I entered the school, and later when I started my club activities, I found out that Lee Soohyun was a senior in our band”. “And today, I performed a song by Guns N' Roses, which Lee liked. While preparing for the stage thinking about him, even though I hadn’t met him before, I feel like I was getting closer with my heart”. said Ahn Eunggyu(Cyber Security), president of the MUDAN BAND club.

Meanwhile, Vice President An Cheung-O, Kang Hyunwook, dean of College of Science & Technology, Park JongChan, a dean of College of Global Business, Jin Seohoon, director of admissions information, Shin Yoonchan, a mother of deceased Lee, Lee Sujin a sister of deceased Lee, Kim Joongro, a head of the district in Bareunmirae Party Sejong city, Lee Taehwan, chairperson of the third Special Self-Governing Council of Sejong etc. many domestic and foreign guests had attended.

KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON

Student Reporter& Photographer: Park Inhye

Translator: Shin Minseo

Editor: Conrad Brubacher

Attached file