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Completion Ceremony to 2019 Motherland Excursion Held

  • 2019-08-22
  • 홍보전략팀
  • HIT170
Completion Ceremony to 2019 Motherland Excursion Held게시물의 첨부이미지


<Completion Ceremony to 2019 Motherland Excursion Held>


On July 17, a Completion Ceremony for the 2019 Motherland Excursion was held in the international conference room in Nong Shim Hall of Korea University Sejong Campus. The Motherland Excursion ran for ten nights and eleven days from July 8 to 18. After a journey to find the roots of sixty Korean-American teenagers was completed, the completion ceremony was arranged to present the impressions of participants’ experiences about their motherland and to pass out awards to excellent students. Hwang Myeongjin, director of the Sejong Institute of International Affairs and Education, and Kim Seongpyo, director of the Sejong Library, both attended the ceremony. Also, members of the board of directors of the Korean-American Youth Assistance Coalition (KAYAK) Park Ansoo, Choi Seonkyeong, Yoon Haeryong, and Park Hyeyoung, and Lee Kidong, president of the Jeju Junior School, were in attendance as guests.


* Director of Sejong Institute of International Affairs and Education, Hwang Myeongjin


Director Hwang said, “I think the Korean-American teenagers experienced and felt many things, visiting Korea for the first time. Thank you for joining the program in spite of the hot weather. I hope you develop into globally talented people with the identities and pride of being Korean.” Following that, Director Park said, “I hope you become Korean-Americans who stand out in the various fields of both Korea and America in the future. Lastly, I appreciate Korea University Sejong Campus, General Manager Jung Hyeontae, and the fourteen student staff members that did their best for the Korean-American students for eleven days with lots of love.”


* Choi Jieun and Kwon Dohun received the top prizes for participation


Choi Jieun, who participated in this program, said of her impressions of the presentation that, “When someone asks me my identity, I will answer proudly that I’m Korean. I take pride in the small things such as being Korean, my Korean history, and jokes that only Koreans can understand. I hope you think not only of Korea as the motherland in which your parents were born, but also as the country that we belong to. I hope you find who you are as part of the Korean race.” The event wrapped up with an introduction of the staff members and the selection of excellent students, and awards were given out for participation, and diplomas given out for voluntary service. The event ended with a dinner and a group picture after all the awards were handed out.


KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON

Student Reporter: Park Inhye

Photographer: Park Inhye

Translator: Park Dahae

Editor: Conrad Brubacher

Attached file