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Farewell Ceremony Held for 16th Vice President An Cheung-O

  • 2019-09-17
  • 홍보기금팀
  • HIT153
Farewell Ceremony Held for 16th Vice President An Cheung-O게시물의 첨부이미지


<Farewell Ceremony Held for 16th Vice President An Cheung-O>


On August 30, a farewell ceremony was held in the Administration Building for the 16th Vice President of Korea University Sejong Campus, An Cheung-O. The farewell ceremony was arranged to celebrate the ways in which Vice President An's two-year term contributed to making Korea University Sejong Campus a creative education and practical studies-focused university.



Vice President An said, “I am extremely thankful for the way we all tried collectively to raise the status of Korea University Sejong Campus. The last two years were busy and the most worthwhile time ever in my life, and I am proud that I was able to devote them to Korea University Sejong Campus.” Vice President An expressed more thanks, saying, “I hope you handle the wave of change actively with a new vice president and make efforts to keep the spirit of the ‘2nd established academy of Korea University Sejong Campus’ alive while staying in tune with the needs of the local community.” To end the farewell ceremony, he added, “I would like you to continue your efforts with a mind to develop Korea University Sejong Campus constantly and widen the gap between us and other universities.”




Park Jongchan, dean of the College of Global Business who attended the farewell ceremony, said, “Congratulations on your farewell after having achieved so much. On behalf of all staff members, I thank you for your help with stabilizing the growth of the campus during the toughest of times. We will continue to invigorate Korea University’s internationalization in the future based on the efforts of Vice President An. Lastly, I appreciate how he gave his best to lead Korea University Sejong Campus for the past two years.” After that, the farewell ceremony ended with a greeting from the teachers and a commemorative group photo.




Vice President An has been widely involved in the administration of the school, serving as the director of the Office of General Affairs, the superintendent of Hoyeon Dormitory, and the director of the Sejong Lifelong Education Center, to name a few of his activities. Outside the school, he also led the way with his positive study-related activities such as acting as the president of the Textlinguistic Society of Korea and the president of the Korean Society for German Linguistics. While he was in office, Korea University Sejong Campus was selected as the top university in the the category of ‘Autonomy Improvement University’ in the diagnostic evaluation of the basic competencies of universities, and he helped the school rise to 83rd place in the World University QS evaluation by overseeing the publishing of 350 SCI theses over the last five years. During this period, Korea University Sejong Campus completed the new main gate and the Accelerator ICT Convergence Building. Also, Korea University Sejong Campus has focused on sustainable creativity-convergence human resource development through continuous education and implementation of study environment improvements such as the completion of the Culture and Sports Building and the Research and Business Cooperation Building this year.


KU Sejong Student PR Team, KUS-ON

Student Reporter: Park Inhye

Photographer: Park Inhye

Translator: Park Dahae

Attached file